Teaching children skills to last a lifetime brings joy to parents, teachers, and grandparents.


Grandma's Magic Pillows makes it simple and effective to help children learn how to calm the body and quiet the mind. 


Many children struggle to cope with daily challenges with family and friends. Accomplishing a short pause in their day gives them a strategy to feel better and be better every day.  The lightly weighted magic pillow helps block out visual distractions and help them go within and become comfortable with quiet and calm.


This simple resource is being used in educational settings as well as homes, day-cares, and early childhood environments. 


The accompanying storybook is great for children ages 3-10.​


"The Magic of Calm Families" 


This workshop offers parent(s) and child(ren) the opportunity to come together for some fun and conversation. Talking about daily challenges both children and adults experience culminates in children helping create their very own magic pillow (with a secret word inside) and enjoy time together experiencing the magic pillows. Parent(s) will go home with a relaxation eye pillow of their own.


Here are a few testimonials from workshop participants:


  • My 7-year-old daughter and I enjoyed the Grandma's Magic Pillows workshop!  It gave us an opportunity to talk about things that make us both happy and create stress for us.  After my daughter made her pillow and I picked out mine, we had a chance to practice using them - something that we have recreated at home!  It was a lovely opportunity to talk, be together, and gain a new tool in the quest for quiet relaxation for us both at home.  Kim C.



  • Last weekend the kids and I participated in "The Magic of Calm Families" - a wonderful seminar of sorts put on by Karen Carlson. This picture is everything - Sis lays next to me, I touch her belly to make sure she feels my closeness, and Cman claims his spot directly on me.  Ellen C.



  • I had the pleasure of attending Grandma Karen’s inaugural calming workshop.  Prior to walking into the event, my date, my 9-year-old son who has autism, melted down.  He was angry and defiant and was certainly not going to enjoy “closing my eyes”, he said.  I thought for sure he would ruin the whole event.  At the beginning, he was hesitant to engage, but after enjoying making his eye pillow, and whispering his magic word to Grandma Karen to put inside, he got a big smile on his face.  When it came time to lay down and learn about calm, he happily put his pillow on his eyes and listened to the soothing affirmations that Grandma Karen read to the group.  When the calming time was up, my son sat up and exclaimed, “That. Was. Awesome!”  Only someone with real magic, like Grandma Karen, could make even the most anxious of children into a true believer in the power of calm.  After the event, the calm lasted even when we got home.  It was a wonderful event, but the lasting effects for my son were better than I could have ever imagined!   Sarah M.








Now available in some park district programming as well as MOPS and mom's groups.


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