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This card deck is adapted from the 3"x3" mini card deck already available.

This deck is 2"x2" in a drawstring tuille bag. A perfect gift!


What makes it different is that it contains 10 message cards (as pictured) with these words:

  • appreciated
  • enough
  • valued
  • powerful
  • unique
  • respected
  • kind
  • trusted
  • amazing
  • inspiring


Also included are 5 fill-in-the-blank cards so you can make them super personalized and even more meaningful. You can hand out one of these cards to co-workers, friends, family, networking acquaintances, and so much more.


I'm so excited for you to have this simple, affordable gift idea.

Pre-orders now accepted. Happy gifting to you.


Worthy 2"x2" deck

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