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Credit Card

Banking Will Never
Be The Same

TranzactCard: A Visa® bank card where your money works for you - double your dollarz on every transaction. Banking and card services provided by Solid Financial Technologies, Inc, and partner banks pursuant to a license from Visa.

I Love Perks

  • Power Earn: Earn Z-Bucks anytime you use your TranzactCard

  •  Z-Bucks and Z-ClubPower Spend

  •  TranzactUp, TranzactBack, and Z-Forward (Coming Soon)Power Save

  • ATMs: Access your accounts across the U.S.; for FREE on the national MoneyPass® Network.

Credit Card Purchase
Credit Card

FDIC Insured

FDIC Insured: Checking account provided by Banking services are provided by Solid Financial Technologies, Inc.'s partner banks who are Member FDIC.

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