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Sleep Like A Baby 

Lose Weight Like Never Before

Discover The Missing Link to Weight Loss Success

“Levels of "the stress hormone," cortisol, rise during tension-filled times. This can turn your overeating into a habit. Because increased levels of the hormone also help cause higher insulin levels, your blood sugar drops and you crave sugary, fatty foods.” – WebMD

If you’ve tried diet after diet and failed to lose weight, you’re about to learn something shocking.


People say there are two components to weight loss: what you put into your mouth and exercise.


But there are many people who are careful of what they put in their mouth (some track every morsel they eat) and exercise daily and…


They are still overweight.


They’ve tried all the diets.  They’ve counted points, calories, and done all of the diets including Paleo, Keto, Low Carb, Low Fat, and more.


And the weight sticks to them like white on rice.  They can’t get rid of it.

The Real Reason You Can’t Lose Weight!

Researchers are now taking a second look at cortisol. It’s known as the stress hormone.


When you are tense – about anything – your cortisol level rises. This ramps up your over-eating.


If you’re watching what you eat or sticking to a diet, if your cortisol levels are high, your body will resist weight loss no matter what you do.


In particular, science believes that cortisol is responsible for the belly fat that is hardest to get rid of!


If you have stress in your life – whether it’s because of a spouse, partner, children, parents, job or financial issues, it’s going to slow your weight loss or even worse – bring it to a dead stop.


So the obvious thing to do is lower the cortisol!


Don’t Do This Unless…

​You really like side effects.


There are 2 categories of medications that your doctor can prescribe to lower your cortisol.


The first category is known as Neuromodulatory Drugs. These drugs effect your pituitary glands to lower your cortisol. However the side effects are horrible. They include: digestive symptoms, headaches and elevated blood sugar levels. Other drugs may cause nausea, low blood pressure, dizziness and psychological changes such as pathologic gambling. Rarely, heart valve problems may occur.
The second category is known as Cortisol Receptor Antagonists. These medications block the actions of cortisol throughout the body. They do not directly lower cortisol levels. Some were initially developed as abortion pills! It is effective in counteracting the effects of excessive cortisol. But sometimes it can be too effective and cause symptoms of low cortisol, such as weakness and low blood sugar. Other side effects include heavy menstrual periods in women, low potassium levels and high blood pressure.


For many people, the effects of these drugs make them an automatic no. 


Others turn to another “safer” solution that has its own issues.

Cortisol Supplements

Once the weight loss market discovered the cortisol connection, supplement makers jumped all over the topic. Thousands of supplements appeared promising to lower cortisol.

The problem is that there is no supplement that specifically lowers cortisol.

So they throw everything and the kitchen sink at the problem and hope for a miracle.

The typical compound may have from a half-dozen to two dozen ingredients.

They may have names with the word Cortisol in the title.

This is what the FDA had to say:

The FTC has begun sending warning letters to more than 25 Web site operators and others who are marketing products with claims that the products will affect cortisol and thereby cause weight loss, reduce the risk of or prevent disease, or produce other health benefits. In its warning letters, the FTC states that it is not aware of any competent and reliable scientific evidence to support those claims and warns that unsupported claims are unlawful under the FTC Act. Accordingly, the FTC’s warning letters instruct the Web site operators and other marketers to discontinue any false or deceptive claims immediately.

If these supplements worked, the FDA would not be sending letters and taking action.

I’m sure your wondering what the solution is. It may just surprise you.

Meet the Boss

In philosophy there is a rule called “Occam’s Razor”. This means the simplest solution is the best.

There is a nerve in your body called the Vagus nerve. 

vagus 2.png

Here’s what the vagus nerve is in charge of:


If your belly is a wreck, your brain may be to blame. The vagus is responsible for moving food through the esophagus stomach and small intestine, as well as the production of essential acids from the stomach and digestive juices from the pancreas. 



The vagus is responsible for triggering your sensation of fullness, or satiety via a hormone called leptin which is released in the gut as part of digestion and stimulates the vagus. If your vagus is out of control, you’ll feel hungry even if you’ve just eaten.


The vagus nerve’s job is to control your cortisol level. 

Studies have shown that people with higher vagus nerve activity have lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.  Studies also show that the vagus nerve regulates inflammation throughout the body, including inflammation associated with obesity, and could be a key factor of obesity.  


A Word of Warning

Before you order your own eye pillow I have to tell you – it’s going to be stolen.


Sadly it’s true. You’re going to look for it one day and it’s going to be missing.


It will turn up. Your spouse, children, parents, are going to experiment with it and poof.


The Inexpensive All Natural (And Safe) Solution

The answer is NOT another pill, supplement, or shake. It’s a simple way to trigger the Vagus nerve.


It’s called an eye pillow that gently rests on your eyes. You’ll barely notice it there but it triggers the vagus nerve and you relax INSTANTLY.


And when the vagus nerve feels the pressure, it lowers the cortisol levels of your body.


You feel more rested than ever.


And when you’re more rested, your cortisol levels go down.

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