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Card Decks
for customers, clients, team members, and more

Imagine having a unique gift or handout to let customers, clients, team members and associates know how much you value their support of your business.  And now enjoy a simple wooden display for your mini card deck! See below for details. Making it easier in every way.

These card decks have a variety of themes and make a wonderful, low ticket gift or appreciation token.

You can even hand out an individual one with your business card and make a greater impression.


The messages on these cards range from heartfelt thanks, affirmations of worthiness, or challenges on the road of life, to name a few.

You can also have these card decks branded with your logo and website or contact information. Click here to see more details.


The content of this deck was birthed from my own injury, surgery, recovery, and rehab. There are many lessons we can learn to serve us beyond this chapter of our life. 

  • How do you ask for help?

  • How do you navigate solitude?

  • Do you have a support system?

These are some of the topics that are reflected in the messages in this 25-card deck of 3"x3" cards that come in a drawstring organza bag.

We make decisions every day, all day long.

Do you ever struggle and question those decisions?

This simple resource is a simple way to help you trust in your intuition and wisdom (even when you doubt that).

This makes a very unique and treasured gift for someone you love.

Each deck comes in a colored organza bag.

Where The Heart Leads.png

This card deck expresses the value of each individual and provides affirming messages to boost each person's sense of worth.

Everyone can use a little morale boost from time to time.

This small 20-card deck is 3"x3" and comes in an organza bag.​

Life throws us curves. We all know that.

These inspired messages cover the ups and downs we encounter every day and help us to enjoy the ride.

Who do you know that would benefit from some humor, reality, and caring?

This mini card deck is 20 cards each 3"x3" and comes in an organza bag to keep them together simply and easily​

Ebb & Flow.png
A Grateful Heart  (1000x1300 px Deckible_edited.jpg

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational frequencies.


Express your gratitude for a new or long-standing client, acknowledge team member achievement, and so much more.

This 3"x3" card deck contains 20 messages in an organza bag for portability and ease.

Example of organza drawstring bags

worthy in tuille.jpg
ebb & flow in tuille.jpg
card deck holder.jpg

Elevate your home decor with our 100% handmade Natural Wood Card Deck Display Holder. Simply slide your mini card deck into the slot that angles the message for easy viewing.


Crafted from natural wood, this product upgrade will add a touch of rustic charm to any room. Made from unfinished pine, this display holder brings out the natural beauty of the wood, creating a timeless piece that is both stylish and functional.


This card deck display holder is the perfect addition to your space. Showcase your favorite card decks in a stylish and unique way with this beautiful handmade display holder.


3.5" diameter wood disk

3/4" thick pine wood


Changing your mind and thoughts is the first step on the diabetes journey.


This simple and convenient spiral-bound deck of messages will implant new thoughts into your subconscious that will easily become new behaviors so that your relationship with diabetes will be like a beautiful dance.


Spiral bound 42 messages focuses on

The Mind, The Body, The Food. 

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