What Is

Therapeutic Relaxation?


Therapeutic Relaxation is caring for body, mind, and spirit

by providing time to relax and reduce stress.

Be Well And Renew helps you enjoy living in a relaxed and healthy body

with easy to integrate resources to influence your daily routines and habits

and increase your sense of relaxation.


Karen Carlson, founder of Be Well And Renew began this wellness business with a mission to provide therapeutic services and has expanded to include relaxation resources such as guided meditations, inspiration cards and accompanying journal, relaxation eye pillows, and essential oils that you can easily incorporate to achieve a less stressful state of being.

With over 20 years serving thousands of clients, both adults and children, Be Well And Renew continues to serve with a heart of excellence and a spirit of creativity and joy.


Be Well And Renew is a 20+ year professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association.


All therapists are licensed in the state of Illinois.


Our wish is for you to BE WELL.

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