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Testimonials from trusted clients tell the experience in their own words.

"I purchased eye pillows for my adult children (30, 28 & 25 year old) and 2 daughter-in-laws as gifts. They all raved about what great gifts they were and that they have them next to their bed and use them every night! Helps with computer eye strain and just unwinding after a long work day."          


Leslie C 

"One of my kids has difficulty managing his emotions and a couple of times, on his own, used his magic pillow to calm himself down. I will be getting one for myself too!"                   


Danya S.

"I recently was dealing with a bad back and sought emergency help. Karen was able to work me in right away, which was amazing.  She creates a wonderful, full body experience with her Biomat, oils, sounds, inspiration cards, and amazing manual work.  It was indeed a relaxing and revitalizing experience,  I highly recommend Karen."                               

Kira S.

"I have always had a hard time turning my mind off when going to bed.   This awesome eye pillow has helped me transition to a peaceful sleep mode. Highly recommended. "   


Debbie B.

"Karen at Be Well is a gem! I’ve been struggling with a virus that’s had a lingering cough. Karen provided a soothing massage with essential oils and some energy work to give me some much-needed healing."         


Katie O.

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"Karen is not only a great massage therapist but a person of incredible insight and understanding. Those character traits I believe enhance her ability to provide for individual client needs. I was blessed by wonderful peace through my massage with her." 


Liz M.

"I don't know why anyone needs drugs when there is massage!"

Mike A.

"I purchased the guided meditation audio from Be Well a few weeks ago, and have been extremely pleased with the calming effect it has had! I work in a very high stressed position (sales), and needed something to help level my mood. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone who is searching for way to help reduce stress and anxiety!"

Mike P.

From her massage, essential oils, relaxing eye pillows and inspirational cards,  I highly recommend her massage work as well as her books. Thank you so much. Karen is an amazing healer.

                                            Claudia C.

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