Imagine having resources around you during the day

allowing you to regain balance

when you experience stress or frustration.


Be Well And Renew's resources provide

simple, accessible relaxation products.

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Blended To Inspire

This inspiring card deck was created as a way to help re-direct our thoughts when we may be experiencing stressful moments at work or at home. 

Simple draw a random card and allow the message to guide your thoughts.

Now available is an accompanying journal for additional reflection. Purchase separately or together.


Guided Meditations

Guided meditations are a simple and easily accessible way to lead you into a relaxed state of being and allow your mind to enjoy the visualization.

Guided meditations are a perfect introduction for novices to practice more traditional meditation.

Several selections are available

Therapeutic Relaxation Eye Pillows

Therapeutic Eye Pillows are simple resources for adults and children that help to quiet the body and calm the mind.


Simply lay the pillow gently over the eyes. Visual distractions are removed and you enjoy the relaxation that follows.


These relaxation eye pillows can be combined with guided meditation recordings for additional benefit.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are the perfect gift that provide the recipient the opportunity to enjoy quiet, calm, healing and wholeness.


Gift certificates are now available as egift cards!  Gift certificates can be for any dollar amount

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