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How often have you searched for something unique to gift to a new or long-standing customer, team member, business associate, family member, friend, or other?
Imagine having your choice of these mini-card decks available with YOUR logo and contact information on them!
You can also see samples of these messages in The Relax Me Store product selections.


This card deck expresses the value of each individual and provides affirming messages to boost each person's sense of worth.

This small 20 card deck is 3"x3" and comes in a tuille bag.

Adding your logo and contact information on the front of each card in the deck adds value to your relationship with the recipient.

worthy in tuille.jpg
Worthy branding

Ebb & Flow

Life throws us curves. We all know that.

These inspired messages cover the ups and downs we encounter every day and help us to enjoy the ride.

Who do you know that would benefit from some humor, reality, and caring?

This mini card deck is 20 cards each 3"x3" and comes in a tuille bag to keep them together simply and easily.

Brand your logo image and contact information on the front of each card.

ebb & flow in tuille.jpg
Ebb & Flow branding.png

A Grateful Heart 

A Grateful Heart - Branded Sample.png

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational frequencies.


Express your gratitude for a new or long-standing client, acknowledge team member achievement, and so much more.

This 3"x3" card deck contains 20 messages in a tuille bag for portability and ease.

Add your logo and contact information to the front of each card.

grateful in tuille.jpg

Several themes are available for personalization, so reach out so we can plan your card deck and keep you top of mind with others while offering the value of these inspiring messages.


Personalization of each deck is a one-time charge of $59 for mini-decks or $99 for full sized decks, plus the cost of the decks, which varies depending on the quantity you order:

       Mini Card Decks

                       14 decks - $11 per deck

                       29 decks - $9 per deck

          Full Sized Decks ~  contact me for quotes

Additional personalization options available for additional fees.

Shipping (if necessary) is an additional cost.

Let's chat and find the best option for you and your business.

Mini Card Decks

  • Worthy

  • Ebb & Flow

  • Where The Heart Leads

  • A Grateful Heart

  • There Is A Bump In The Road

Full-Size Card Decks

  • Blended To Inspire

  • The Challenge Of You & I

  • Relaxation Made Simple

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