Do You Need Permission?

So much has happened since I announced the Be Well and Renew blog, both in my personal life and in the world that we share. There have been unexpected challenges that none of us could have predicted. Most people who I speak to are living in a constant state of overwhelm. Who of us ever imagined that doing something as basic as purchasing toilet paper or planning a week’s worth of meals because we don’t know what is available in the store would become a challenge? That schools, stores, restaurants, and even public services would shut their doors entirely for several months? Or that racial tensions, protests, and riots, would erupt literally overnight in a way that we have not seen for several decades?

And in the middle of all of this? We are trying to hold it together for the rest of our family. We are trying to be a source of calm for our children, for our elderly parents, for our spouses. It is common for us as adults to forget to care for ourselves during “normal” times, let alone right now.

Permission to Care for Yourself

As a culture, we put a lot of value on working tirelessly towards a goal. It’s part of what we call the American Dream. And as a culture, we are way too hard on ourselves sometimes. So, let’s talk about giving yourself permission to slow down, take a break, and care for yourself. Because contrary to popular belief, you can achieve your goals and also take care of yourself. In fact, you might achieve them faster if you take time to relax, be mindful, and be kind to yourself.