And It Shall Begin . . .

Where shall I begin? Blogging shall now commence from Be Well And Renew

I am excited to share wellness, inspiration and information that helps you, the reader, live a happier and healthier life. Wellness looks different for each of us, so this blog will share many perspectives and ideas that may resonate with you and some may not.

That’s the beauty of our individuality. We are allowed to like and dislike whatever we choose. We are under no obligation to please anyone else in our choices. That can sometimes be very difficult . . . putting ourselves first. I allow you permission to crack open the door when something I share initially feels abrasive to you. As we, as individuals, continue to grow and expand, it is good to consider options we may not have considered before. It is actually fun to dive into new topics and explore new concepts and ideas. I once heard something that I love to share and repeat. We can only learn more, we can never learn less. I don't remember where I heard it or from whom, but I really appreciate the reality of that statement.

We often find that we can have a bit of a skeptical nature. This is not a judgment on my part, but an observation. Being a skeptic may seem to be a negative label, but a healthy skeptic is simply someone who asks questions and gets the information they require to formulate their own opinion for their own confidence and well-being.

What To Expect . . .

My intention in my blogging is to provide objective, credible, researched information. My goal is not to simply share my opinion about wellness information. My goal is to provide you the information, encourage you to trust what you find, and either do more research yourself or reach out to a trusted expert for more details. Reach out to someone who you can trust with both your questions and doubts.

You Have Permission . . .

My first ‘order of business’ is simply to give you permission. You have permission to read or delete whichever posts you like. My purpose is to be of service with information for you. I will not be hurt and I will not be offended by the choice you make for yourself (plus, I really won’t even know).

You can read or delete
You have permission