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I Have Arrived, I Am Home

Life doesn’t wait . . . and neither does stress. We anticipate a lot of things in our lives. We look forward to birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other benchmark dates that indicate the passing of time. On a daily basis we look forward to meals, meetings, phone calls, and messages from those we love.

One of the things we do not look forward to on a regular basis is stress. Nevertheless, stress finds us on a very frequent regularity, usually without our permission. The key is how we respond to Mr. or Ms. Stress. As the old saying goes, “I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall.” This type of attitude indicates that you expect things to fall apart or not go well.

We can portray a positive attitude to those around us, but it is the internal dialogue that is the true indicator of life happiness, or lack of happiness. There have been times, some more recent, where I hear myself doing more complaining about a variety of different things.

I even asked my husband if we were becoming old crotchety grumps! I don’t think this is true, but I just had to say it out loud to sort of bring it into the light. Habits happen so unconsciously that we may not realize how embedded they are becoming in our daily language and general attitude.

The focus of this blog is really about recognizing the unexpected moments when stress, overwhelm, frustration, and anxiety make their appearance. How do you cope?

This is the simple, yet complete essence of the purpose behind Be Well And Renew. It isn’t about the ability to make life perfect for anyone. The purpose and passion of Be Well And Renew is to provide you, those who live amid all those unexpected moments, with resources, services, and a trusted place to help you find relief.

That relief looks different for everyone. What helps one individual, may be an accelerant to stress for another. Variety truly is the spice of life. Just as we try foods that we sometimes become addicted to and say we love, there are other foods we try once, and are happy to never taste again. That is exactly the philosophy I profess, and truthfully, learning to live more authentically every day myself. I care for myself and realize that I cannot give from an empty vessel. It’s the truth!

Let’s try something different. When was the last time you found stress levels rising? When that happens you could try to sit quietly, close your eyes, and you may even start to feel your heart beating a little faster or your breath quickening a bit. That is the physiological

affects of just visualizing or imagining it. When you are in the midst of a stressful situation or interpersonal exchange it affects all of us, not just our thoughts. That is the foundation of biofeedback treatments.

I came across a fabulous article from that gives data on how stress affects our brain. I was shocked to read that when we are stressed our brain stops producing new brain cells! Think about that (if you aren’t stressed right now) and let it sink in. When we are stressed we have trouble processing input because our brain is literally affected by our circumstance and stopping us from coping consciously.

Managing stress is the key. Stress isn’t going away. It may look different every day and it may show up in unexpected ways, but that doesn’t mean we are helpless victims to create a better strategy in response. We are powerful beyond measure!

“Stress depletes our brain of critical chemicals like Serotonin and Dopamine which results in anxiety and depression.” It helps us understand from a physiological standpoint what happens in our body, and brain, when we live in stress in a chronic state.

My wish is always for you to Be Well. How can I serve you today? I know when clients walk out of my massage room, they feel different in their body, mind, and spirit! They float out of the room and can’t wait to schedule another appointment and return to that relaxed and happy state of mind and body. The reality is that many people don’t have the ability to lie on my table for geographic reasons, but that doesn’t mean there are not solutions available to you.

Check out The Relax Me Store on my website for products or reach out if you have questions or would like recommendations. Changing our thoughts helps us counteract stress and my inspired card decks are a simple, practical, and accessible way to accomplish that goal.

I am sending wishes for your health and happiness this day, here and now.

I recently posted this graphic from an audio recording I was listening to from Thich Naht Hanh who recently died. His wisdom will live on and serve you, me, and anyone else who is willing to listen. The simplest way to access this moment is through our breath, so on the inhale repeat “I have arrived” and on your exhale “I am home.” I love the focus on these two statements that has no other goal than to bring you into the present moment which is the only place we can live. No regrets of the past and no worries of the future. Breathe in this moment.

Be Well

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