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I Want To Feel Great . . . Do You?

I started off July with some surprising news. I learned that I had reached the rank of Director with VoxxLife, which was entirely unexpected. You see, I joined VoxxLife because I was excited about the potential that this neurotechnology has to help so many people who I know and care about so much. I have been sharing these innovative products because I believe in them, not in order to achieve promotions. So many of my friends, family, and clients have experienced such tremendous results, that I reached Director level without even realizing it! The motto of VoxxLife is to touch One Billion Lives!

About VoxxLife

If you haven’t heard me speak about my passion for VoxxLife products, or tried them yourself, let me explain why I became so intrigued by them. The company started off with socks and insoles that have a special tactile pattern woven or embossed right into them. When your body comes into contact with this pattern, it “triggers a neural response in the brainstem that helps manage pain, as well as improve mobility and balance.” What this means is that information goes from the bottom of your feet (if you have on socks or insoles) to your brain and you may experience reduced pain, better mobility, and improved balance.

Sounds kind of crazy, right? Trust me, I understand. As a massage therapist and a practitioner of Access Consciousness, I had to try them out for myself. I have a good understanding of how the body works and how it can be affected by something that might seem quite simple and gentle. You do not necessarily need to have an intense bodywork treatment or a lot of pressure applied to make a difference to the various systems of the body. And you know what? My husband and I saw the benefits right away in our normal day-to-day life, and then even more intensely after each of three different surgical procedures.

Bouncing Back After Surgery

In the last twelve months, my husband and I have had a lot of “repairs” done to our bodies. My husband had shoulder replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, and I had a knee replacement. We are both so grateful that we had VoxxLife products to help us through all three of those procedures. By using these non-addictive, drug-free patches, socks, and insoles, we bounced back from these procedures much faster than we would have without them. Even before my husband’s shoulder replacement surgery, the staff at the surgery center told him how much more severe the pain would be with his shoulder as opposed to hip or knee. They were actually a little frightening about it. They insisted that as soon as pain began to be noticed, to take the prescription pain medications. The reality was that he only took 2 prescription pain pills, and then took over-the-counter pain meds intermittently for a couple of weeks.

We firmly believe that the neurotechnology was a huge factor since he wore the socks during surgery and continues to wear them 24/7. In fact, my husband’s shoulder healed so quickly that after one month when we had his first follow up appointment, he had progressed to where people usually are when they finish with their entire round of physical therapy. The doctor was quite astounded, and pleased, with his progress.

VoxxLife Testimonials

Some of the testimonials that we have seen have been truly amazing. I have read testimonials from people who have experienced tremendous improvements in their overall quality of life. VoxxLife users have reported improvements in arthritis pain, pain associated with muscle and tendon injuries, a reduction of headaches, a lessening of their insomnia, and so much more. Some users have seen changes in bloodwork results, appetite suppression, diabetes numbers, and even tinnitus! We have a Facebook group full of these user testimonials called VoxxLife Testimonials. You are welcome to join it and read for yourself.

VoxxLife Products

Since I joined VoxxLife, they have expanded their product line. Now in addition to socks and insoles, you can try four different patches, each with a different tactile pattern that provides a different benefit to the body and brain. The focus of these are HPT (Human Performance Technology) for balance, stability and pain management; NIO (Neuroplastic Immune Optimization) for heightened immunity; REMpatch for optimized sleep technology; and METApatch for neurohaptic advanced metabolism. There are also two shapewear options that incorporate the pattern, plus a cognitive boost esmartr sleeve to be worn on your arm that helps with focus, attention, and concentration. There are also several new sock options in fun designs, including ankle styles, athletic/crew socks, and dress socks that you can wear with your professional attire. This makes it easy to always have socks for whatever you are doing in your day-to-day life, so you do not have to go without because you are working out or heading into the office.

Being a part of VoxxLife has provided so much relief and improved quality of life to my husband, many of my friends and family members, and myself. I cannot wait to see what new products are developed in the future, and for the opportunity to keep sharing the Voxx lifestyle with people who are in need of innovative products like these. If you want to check out VoxxLife products, you can click on the VoxxLife page on the Be Well and Renew website or go directly to my VoxxLife store. You can also send an email to me at and we can schedule a time to talk about ways that you might enjoy the benefits of these products.

Until our next blog, remember that my wish is always for you to BE WELL

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