The Wonder Of Nature's 4 Elements For Self-Care

self care isn't selfish

Self-care. We hear so often about self-care and so many perspectives on the topic. As a relaxation specialist, I encourage others to find self-care resources that work perfectly for them exactly when they need it most. It does not matter what works for anyone else. It's about you! We are all individuals and so are our preferences for the re-energizing time in our day that helps us be healthy and happy.

An interesting perspective to consider is comparing our personal re-energizing to the something that we recharge daily, or even multiple times daily . . . our mobile devices!

mobile device

What if we took the same time - and sometimes the same urgency - to replenish our personal energy and well-being as we did to our inanimate devices? Isn’t that a fascinating perspective? In this blog post we will explore how to replenish our energy using the four elements of life.