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There Is A Bump In The Road

How many times have you experienced a slight, or a complete, change in direction due to unexpected circumstances? We all heard a gazillion times about pivoting during the pandemic. We overheard that phrase, but it also had a tremendous truth in the way we look at what is happening.

Is it a Pebble, Bump, or Mountain?

Do you remember something that happened to you which changed the direction of a relationship, a career, or something else?

A pebble is usually small and creates minor discomfort. We can often tolerate it and don’t feel the impetus to make a significant change. It may become a greater irritant if it is allowed to continue its presence. Is the solution to remove the pebble or is there a different strategy? Do we take the simplest way to resolve the problem, or does it need to escalate before you take action?

If the bump is a circumstance or person that imposes a larger source of irritation and continues to be present, have you given it the capacity to draw your attention in a more significant manner? Ignoring it becomes harder and harder and also affects other aspects of our lives.

If the mountain before you is overwhelming, step back. The perspective of a mountain appears smaller the further away you are from it. A mountain can be such a profound teaching tool, as well as the analogy it provides. Similar to the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” It seems so simple that we more often than not try to eat the whole elephant in one bite!

If you find there is someone or something that is causing you anxiety, anger, frustration, or an unhealthy distraction, I invite you to find a resource that helps you redirect your thoughts.

And if you have a pebble in your shoe, just dump it out, and put your shoe back on.

So what’s this really all about?

Life threw me a bit of a curve. Speaking from my own experience can offer a therapeutic benefit to me, and my hope is that it might offer you some insights that are of value.

As a massage therapist, the body is vitally important to performing my work. Losing this ability, or even one digit, hand, arm, or leg can be a MOUNTAIN of a challenge! So I asked myself these questions:

How do I perceive what has happened?

  • Am I a victim of what traumatized me, or was it my own fault? For me it was a flawed perception and a misjudgment that caused me to experience a fall and subsequent dominant hand wrist fracture, and significant shoulder injury that will require surgery to repair.

What do I need to do for myself to help optimize healing and the healing journey?

  • First of all, I needed to take time after the incident to let my body process the trauma. I took time to lay quiet and assess and ask myself, “What have you done now?” This is the initial step to healing I believe. Don’t deny what happened but don’t sensationalize it either. It happened, now what. Be honest about the significance and where to go from here.

Who can I reach out to in support of the healing of body, mind, and spirit?

  • I am very blessed to have many acquaintances, fellow bodyworkers, and friends who perform many kinds of healing. I have tapped into energy healing and clearing, breathwork to release and uncover unconscious or subconscious blocks, meditation, sound healing, and simply being, and taking time to quiet the body and mind. Getting in touch with all those thoughts running through your mind can be a hindrance, or if gathered in, insight or awareness.

Am I willing to invest in my healing when it’s not something insurance will cover?

  • What is your healing worth to you? Insurance is not really the issue, but the value you put on yourself and the priority you place on your physical body to be your best in every way possible. Healing can look so different from day to day, and experience to experience. It is always your decision, but when we see someone whose health is failing significantly, our own health and wellness take on new awareness.

Processing in Process

After I had my time of being upset, tearful, frustrated, and disappointed at the reality of surgery I chose to move forward. What does that look like for me?

As I sit and think about recent twists, turns, and developments, I am grateful for what is available to me. I am much more than just a massage therapist. I have been on a path to creating resources and card decks to help others. I have 7 card decks in print so far. The first deck, Blended To Inspire, was from 2017 that I use with every client to set their intention before their massage treatment. I created one based on relationships, one on simple relaxation prompts, and several mini-decks that are more portable and easy to access wherever you are and whenever you need to shift your thoughts as easily and quickly as possible. Each one has a little different perspective but all of them are about mindset and choice.

I love the simplicity that these card decks offer. Choose a card at random, or sift through for the one that applies to what you are dealing with. You can peruse these decks in The Relax Me Store on my website.

The other amazingly providential thing that recently happened was being introduced to a new app that is in the beta stage. The app is called DECKIBLE! Could it be a more perfect match for the crazy card deck lady?

This app is modeled after Audible whose tagline is 100 books in your pocket. Deckible’s tagline is 100 card decks in your pocket. This app will give consumers the opportunity to purchase the deck digitally and be able to shuffle the deck, journal in the digital deck, and so much more. There will be a wide variety of the types of decks available such as affirmation, tarot, oracle, archetype, kids, etc. I am one of the original creators and look forward to the launch. If you know anyone who would like to know more about the platform and creative process, I’d be happy to connect.

Another deck was inspired, and am now designing it. I’m so excited about the image I have for this deck called “Where The Heart Leads.” I think it is absolutely perfect!

This card deck will be coming soon and available through the website. There are also some retail spaces that are interested in carrying a variety of card decks for unique gifting ideas. If you know any shop owners who would like to take a look, I’d be grateful for any connections.

Another card deck I just started will be my healing journey capture. Everyone experiences unexpected events, so I’ll reflect and share it when I feel it is complete. It’s called “A Bump In The Road” and the title of this blog. We have come full circle ... almost!


This link to an article on WebMD also gives ways to recover from trauma. It’s trauma to the body, but also trauma to the psyche and what happens now.

Self Care and Recovery After Trauma,” Medically Reviewed by Arefa Cassoobhoy, MD, MPH on November 04, 2020

And Now for the Rest of the Story . . .

(as the infamous Paul Harvey used to say in his reporting)

This is my update for now. The rest of the story hasn’t been written yet. I’ll be sharing revelations and aspects of my journey that I believe could be helpful to others, but won’t burden you with every unnecessary detail.

Thanks for taking the time to read today’s blog. I’d be most grateful for any comments or shares of this or reach out directly to me if you want to connect.

My wish is always for you to

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