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Where Is Your Happy Place?

To begin, I certainly hope that you have a happy place and know exactly where that is and how to get there especially when you need it most! I have more than one happy place but found a favorite one a few years ago that is especially pleasing to me.

Have you ever heard of floating? Of course, everyone has probably heard of floating, but this is a special type of floating in a special type of environment. I remember my mom, who was not a big fan of water activities being very nervous when we visited a favorite aunt and uncles’ lake house. We learned to water ski and thoroughly enjoyed the water. Some people don’t even like lake water because they can’t see the bottom, but that was never an issue for me.

My husband was a swimmer in high school and college and I know those lines and marks on the bottom of the pool really mean something to swimmers, like when to flip turn and staying in your own lane. For the most part, Bruce isn’t fond of just being in the water and splashing around. When he is in the water, except showering, his automatic response is to swim laps. Finding a place to do that isn’t always easy though.

I have never felt like I was a strong swimmer but could keep myself up by treading water, and once I learned how to float, it became one of my favorite things to do. The problem with floating is that when you are in a shared body of water, whether it is a pool or a lake, other people are usually around and disturb the surface. This makes floating much less desirable and enjoyable.

So why is floating one of my happy places? Here are the highlights for me

I can completely escape

  • People

  • Technology

  • Work

It’s good for me

  • Reduce inflammation in the body

  • Rest and rejuvenate

  • Increases my body awareness

  • Unleashes creative thoughts

  • Lower blood pressure

So where else could you go to enjoy these benefits? I could take time in nature, but gravity continues to place its impact on my physical body. I could meditate, but it’s hard to be in a place where normal noises don’t interrupt your sense of calm. I could enter a cave, but it’s cold and damp and doesn’t sound appealing to me.

The float tank was originally created to help with things like depression, fibromyalgia, and removes external stimuli. There are research studies being conducted that are documenting the significant impact on those suffering from PTSD. Since the first iteration of float tanks in the 1960s, it has made many changes. The float tank I have frequented, Anicca Float Club in Naperville, Illinois is amazing. They have 4 individual float tanks and each one has its own room for undressing and showering before and after floating. They provide earplugs, soap, shampoo, and conditioner (only for post-floating). I like to go alone when I want to run away from overwhelm or something that might be troubling me. I also like to go with friends who enjoy their own float experience, in their own float tank, and then afterward we can enjoy sharing the experience.

In the float tank, there is a high ratio of Epsom Salt to water which makes it impossible to sink. You can only float and that makes it such a deliciously effortless experience. All I need to do is float and breathe. Float and breathe. Float and breathe. My happy place.

The tanks are regulated very closely to make sure the levels of Epsom salt are not too high or low. Between float clients, the water is filtered three times and also runs continuously when clients are not using it. I love that most float tank businesses have FAQs so you can get the answers you want about any concerns or questions you have.

I recently was in a challenge to publish a book in 7 days! I accomplished the goal and my book is titled:

“Experience Floating: The Benefits of Floating, Relieve Stress, and Enjoy Relaxation

and Inspiration.” The book is available on Amazon in Kindle or paperback. I’m so excited to share about floating and recount some of my experiences, as well as some history around float tanks. I also share in the book the poem which I wrote after an early float session. The poem is called “Blank”© in the book of poetry titled “Weaver of Words: Poems on Loving, Longing, Learning.” It was just like the float, an effortless release of words about the experience.

Since our move, I have not found a local place to go floating, but I am definitely on the hunt! What I have enjoyed is our wonderful screened porch which is a happy place for me to read, listen to music, or wind down at the end of the day. The light and fan in it make it even more useful and enjoyable. A new happy place for me. When I go back up to visit or see massage clients, I know I will be visiting my favorite float tank. I really encourage you to check it out. There is nothing keeping you in the float tank if it creates heightened anxiety for you or triggers some other adverse reaction. Simply step out of the tank, shower, and leave. At least you tried. It is kind of like when you were a kid and you were ‘encouraged’ to try different foods. At least if you tried it you knew if you were expanding your culinary boundaries or not. Remember Mikey from the LIFE cereal commercials, “Try it, you’ll like it.” Watch this YouTube of the original commercial. It’s great!

How many other areas of life have you tried things and found it something you enjoyed? You may have been hesitant. You may have only done it because of a dare, but you tried. Expanding our life experiences is a very curious activity. Everyone has different preferences. Here is a wonderful article you might enjoy. “How Do You Expand Your Life Experience And Why Is It So Important?”A blog by Connie Milligan

In conclusion, I believe that expanding our experiences, understanding what makes us happy, and acting on both of those desires increase our sense of well-being and life satisfaction. I would love any feedback about this blog, the article I linked it to, or my newly released book on Amazon.

Remember, My Wish Is Always For You To Be Well

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Jim Arthur
Jim Arthur
Jul 06, 2023

You are off to a fine start! Best wishes for your success

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