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Being Thankful: How It Helps Us Feel Good and Do Better

When fall arrives and the leaves turn into beautiful colors of red, orange, and yellow, it signals the time for Thanksgiving. But this celebration is about much more than just delicious food like turkey and pie. Thanksgiving teaches us something really important: being thankful. It's like a superpower that can make our lives better, whether we're at home or at work.

In my treatment room, I have a handmade plaque with my logo that says “Relaxation Is My Super Power.” Every time I look at it, I am grateful for the craftsmanship of my friend, Cindy, at Koke Country Wood Creations, and all the care she poured into crafting it so beautifully. Photo credit Megan Holly Artist

So what is your superpower? Here is an article on finding your superpower you might enjoy. I believe it applies far beyond business too. “Find Your Superpower And Genius Work, And Build It Into Your Freelance Business”

Scientists and smart people have studied how being thankful helps our brains. They've found that it can make us feel happier and less stressed, and you know I'm all about that. LOL. Imagine having a shield that protects us from feeling sad or worried—that's what being thankful can do for us!

The expression of gratitude extends beyond mere words. Actions speak volumes. Initiating a practice of gratitude journals, as recommended by, empowers individuals to reflect on daily blessings, nurturing a profound sense of appreciation. Additionally, acts of kindness and recognition, such as handwritten notes or tokens of appreciation, serve as tangible manifestations of gratitude.

I am currently in a Facebook group about journaling, and gratitude often seems to be a part of the journaling experience. It also seems to help when you are accountable for an action or activity you want to integrate into your daily habits. I’ve always been pretty sporadic with journaling. Maybe it's something for you too (the group is facilitated by a friend, Jessica Kleine who is also a Money Mindset coach).

Being thankful is also really helpful in our relationships with friends and family. It's like a magic glue that makes our friendships stronger. When we say simple words like "thank you," it's like giving a warm hug with our words. It helps people feel good and makes us feel closer to each other.

A study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies showcases how acts of kindness inspired by gratitude have a contagious effect, creating a ripple effect of positivity within communities.

And guess what? Being thankful isn’t just for our homes. It works really well at work, too! Big companies have learned that saying thanks to their workers makes everyone feel good and actually work better. It's like magic for making jobs more fun.

There are lots of ways we can show our thanks. We can start by writing down good things that happen to us every day in a special book. It’s like collecting treasures made out of words. We can also do nice things for people, like giving a high-five or drawing a picture. These things show that we're thankful, even without saying any words.

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to begin saying thanks more often. It’s not just about the yummy food like turkey; it's about being thankful. When we're thankful, life feels brighter. It’s like having a secret power that makes everything better. Being thankful can make us happier and bring us closer together.

You might wonder how being thankful works in our brains. Well, when we're thankful, our brains release happy chemicals. These chemicals make us feel good inside, a bit like having a warm, cozy feeling. It’s why being thankful can help us feel less worried or upset.

When we say thanks to our friends or family, it’s like giving them a present. We might not wrap it up in a box, but our words are like a special gift that makes people feel happy. They feel appreciated and valued, which makes our families and friendships stronger.

Surprisingly, saying thanks also makes our jobs better. Imagine your teacher or boss saying thank you for your hard work. Wouldn’t it make you want to work even harder? That’s because when we feel appreciated, we want to do our best. Big companies know this secret and say thanks to their workers to make everyone happy and work together better. 

One of the card decks I created is called “A Grateful Heart” and is a perfect small gift for a family, employee, team member, or customer. I loved creating it and so many people have found it a truly heartfelt gift. You can also have it branded to your business to gift as a personalized token of appreciation. Click here to find out more.

I really enjoyed this article that has so many great nuggets..

There are many ways we can show our thanks. We can start by thinking about all the good things that happen to us each day and writing them down in a special book. It’s like collecting happy memories that we can look at whenever we’re feeling a bit down. We can also show our thanks by doing intentional and thoughtful things for people, like helping them with their work or sharing something special with them. It’s like telling them without words how much we appreciate them.

This Thanksgiving, let’s remember it's not just about the big meal; it's about being thankful. We can start by saying thanks more often and watching how it makes everyone happier. Being thankful is like having a special magic wand that brings happiness and makes us feel closer to the people we care about. 

An idea to spread gratitude anytime you gather with others might be writing down one or a few words of gratitude about each person at your gathering. Place them in an envelope for each person to take home and savor later (after savoring the food and friendship). I have a cup with something similar to this from over 30 years ago that was done as a workplace activity. Something so simple can be so profound and meaningful for a long time to come.

“What Is Gratitude and Why Is It So Important” by Tiffany Sauber Millacci, Ph.D.  Check this article out and get a free PDF with 3 gratitude exercises.

In conclusion, Thanksgiving teaches us an important lesson about being thankful. It’s like an annual post-it reminder note. It’s like a special secret that can make our lives better in so many ways. Whether it’s making us feel happier, bringing us closer to our friends and family, or making our jobs more fun, being thankful is a superpower that we all have. So, let’s start using this superpower and make the world a happier and more thankful place.

I invite you to share this blog with someone you care about and let them know how grateful you are for their presence in your life. I'm so grateful for you.

My wish is always for you to Be Well and I especially send this heartfelt message to you today.

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