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Funk Be Gone: Shifting Out of a Funk Through Social Connections

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

When was the last time you were really in a funk and received a text from a friend that shifted you out of that funk? Or maybe you were overwhelmed with work and the stresses of life, and you scrolled through your Facebook feed and saw a meme that made you smile? Or saw an inspirational story on Instagram that spoke to the exact place you were emotionally that day?

Introducing the Be Well Circle

This is exactly the purpose and mission of The Be Well Circle.

Sometimes when we are in a downhearted frame of mind, we simply don’t have the energy or wherewithal that might shift our mood on our own. No matter how hard we try, we cannot get our mind out of that negative state and into a frame of mind that is more in our best interest. We find ourselves lingering there and feeling worse and worse. It is not a fun place to be physically, emotionally or mentally.

The Be Well Circle is all about providing direct messaging to members that is encouraging, inspirational, and hopeful. The goal is to help those who may be living alone or struggling with feelings of loneliness. Members receive these messages multiple times per month via messaging channels. Because the uplifting messages go directly to them, they do not have to go searching for something to change up those feelings.

Be Well and Renew has always been about the wellness of others in body, mind, and spirit. This new initiative is a very organic and inspired extension of that mission. Helping others feel better is what Be Well and Renew is about, and The Be Well Circle helps us continue that mission. Just as a circle has no beginning or end, The Be Well Circle invites you in and then spread encouragement outward to the world.

How Covid-19 Proved the Power of Social Connections

We have seen first-hand the importance of social connections through our own experiences with Covid-19 and social distancing. As we stopped spending time together in person, we quickly came up with ways to connect without being face-to-face. It was incredible how quickly we rallied together and came up with ideas like birthday parades, drive-by-bridal showers and graduation celebrations. Picnics in the backs of our SUVs parked 10 feet away from each other. Remember those videos of people in Italy singing together on their balconies? All of these are proof of the importance of social connections.

Our connections were not just in-person spaced 6 or more feet apart. As soon as we shut down in-person experiences, we started celebrating via Zoom, Facetime, and Skype. People had family game nights and movie watching dates using apps created specifically for that purpose. We proved that the important part about connecting via electronic devices was the connection and meaning rather than the technology.

The Science of Social Connections

Humans have been connecting with each other for all of time. We were not meant to be alone or isolated. In the earliest days of mankind, we depended on each other for food, shelter, and protection. Today, we still benefit from the company of others in physical ways.

It is interesting that there are programs to help quit smoking and lose weight. There are medications for obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure. But there is really not much to help people who suffer from social isolation and loneliness. This is one reason that The Be Well Circle is so important to me as a way of helping people.

Membership Options for The Be Well Circle

There are several options available for membership in The Be Well Circle. You can choose to enroll in an ongoing monthly membership or choose a three- or six-month membership.

You can enroll yourself and receive messages directly or gift a membership to someone you love. The uplifting messages are appropriate for adults of any age, whether an elderly family member living alone, a college student away from home for the first time, or a longtime friend who you don’t see often.

Scroll to the bottom in the Relax Me Store to see all options.

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