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Tattoo Worthy?

What does a brand mean to you?

When you think of a brand, who or what comes to mind first?

Amazon, Wal Mart, Panera, Apple, Starbucks . . .

I know I could go on and on, but I’m sure you have your own list going.

When you think of one of those brands, do you think of their products or services first? Or do you picture their logo or an ad or commercial you have seen? Having a recognizable brand is very important to a business. Whether it is the name of the business or the image that is branded to them, the owner of that brand wants you to instantly know what they are all about.

Creating a Tattoo Worthy Brand

Marketing guru Seth Godin, when referring to branding, has asked the question, “Is your brand tattoo worthy?” That gave me pause, as I pondered whether my circular Be Well logo could be tattoo-worthy or not.

As I sat and studied my logo, I thought about the inspiration behind it. I thought about the graphic artist who designed it with my input. I pictured how it might look on a wrist or an ankle, a permanent reminder of the fact that my brand is truly representative of who I am as a wellness professional and the why behind running my business. And I decided that my brand is indeed tattoo-worthy.

Seth Godin is not the only marketing professional who believes that logos can be tattoo-worthy. Many consumers have the logos of major brands inked onto their skin, like a good friend’s husband. He has a Harley Davidson logo on one arm and an assortment of Disney ink on the other.

In The Branding Journal August 19, 2021 article, they write that when a customer has a logo or an image from a brand tattooed, “It suggests that you have done your job when you connect so deeply with consumers that some are willing to show their love in the most meaningful ways. In this case, by leaving an indelible mark on their body to prove it. Because, of course, that is the pinnacle, right? What could show more connection to a brand than declaring it in a manner that is permanently attached to you for the rest of your life?”

Now, while I love my logo and can picture how it might look as a tattoo, don’t worry, I don’t think I will dip into that arena. The closest I ever came was to get henna on my hand/arm. This picture is of my granddaughter's henna design.

It’s just not on-brand for me as a person. Instead, I love to admire my friends’ ink and to hear the stories behind why they chose certain designs and brand logos.

As a massage therapist, I often see tattoos and marvel at the detail and messages they sometimes contain. I have sons who have tattoos and there are stories behind each of those. I have a daughter-in-law who has meaningful footprints tattooed on the top of her foot. Tattoos have become very popular as have other forms of body art like piercing. My sister-in-law and her husband were the first people I knew who were avid and frequent visitors of tattoo artistry.

Are you an ‘inked’ individual? If so, what compelled you to indelibly make your body a palate for a particular message or image?

Be Well and Renew Continues to Grow and Evolve

As Be Well And Renew has continued to evolve, so has our brand. What began as solely therapeutic massage, has now evolved and encompasses many types of services, modalities, and relaxation resources. The reason behind every service or resource is the same; to create health and happiness in your daily life. As a Relaxation Concierge, I guide others to find the path to their optimal wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally.

For example, adding services and products related to relaxation was a natural addition because it is an area in which I love helping people and have a wealth of knowledge to share. There are many different activities that I find relaxing, and the more I incorporate them into my daily routines, the better each day gets! The act can be as brief as reading an inspiration card, but can completely change my thoughts in a moment. Changing my thoughts then changes my outlook and possibly the rest of my day.

Relaxation means something different to each person and the means to achieve a state of relaxation can be unique to each person too. What you find most relaxing and how often you give yourself permission to enjoy it without guilt varies from person to person. I created my inspirational card decks to help people who have a difficult time giving themselves a lot of time to relax, to make an impact even if you only have a minute or two each day.

I am very excited to announce that you will be noticing some changes to my website and a new clarity around Be Well And Renew. Products and techniques like my inspirational cards are only the start of new ways to inspire and help people relax and focus on their own wellness journey.

As you finish reading this post, let me ask you something. When you think of the Be Well And Renew brand, what comes to mind? I would absolutely love it if you would comment on this blog, message me, text me, or reply to the email with your impressions.

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